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Full Name of the Company - Wahid Sandhar Sugars Limited

Address in full - Sugar Mill Complex, G. T. Road ,Phagwara

Date of establishment of the - 06-10-2000 ,Company

Constitution - Public Limited Company

Registration Detail - 2943/SIA/IMO/2000 Dated 21.12.00 ,Director of Industries, Chandigarh

Tin no - 03241041119


The Sugar Plant originally established in 1933 by Narang Group of Industries which was later on taken over by Oswal Group in 1989. The Oswal Group had expanded the crushing capacity of Plant for sugar cane from 1500 Ton per day to 4500 Ton per day with the latest state of art technology. The Plant was later on taken over by Wahid and Sandhar Group in the year 2000 and commenced its operation under the Flagship of M/s Wahid Sandhar Sugars Ltd. Since incorporation the promoters are running the business very successfully.


The Plant was taken over by Wahid and Sandhar Group with equal contribution. S. Soukhbir Singh Sandhar the Chairman of the Company is an NRI and experienced business man. He along with his brothers is running the franchise in textile and garment sector in the State of U.K. They have very good business set up in U.K. and properties of handsome value in India. He has more than 20 years of experience in the business line. His business skill helped in the fast growth of the Company. S. Jaswinder Singh Bains Vice chairman of the Company is an agriculturist . S. Jarnail Singh Wahid, Managing Director of the group is a Law Graduate and heading the farmer community before the takeover. He is very prominent personality in the city of Phagwara and its surrounding's and very popular among the farmer community. He had vast experience in handling and tackling their problems and being the point of attraction, prevails among them. This is because of his influence and command over the farmers community that the company has not experienced any shortfall in the supply of sugar cane. Besides this he is now also an experienced Industrialist. The Board comprises of equal number of Directors from both the groups. Mr Jarnail Singh Wahid is also the Chairman of Markfed , which is the largest cooperative society in the Asia.

Main Activities of Company

The Company is mainly engaged in the business of manufacturing and sale of Sugar. At present the capacity of the Plant is 5500 M.T. for crushing of sugar cane at Phagwara (Punjab) and 2500 M.T At Bhuna Disst Fatehabad (Haryana). Sugarcane being the seasonal crop available only for 5 to 6 months. The Company has also started the Co generation plant of 12 MW.

Competent and Qualified Staff

The Company has very competent and qualified staff . All the functions like procurement, production, marketing, Sales , Finance, Technical, Personnel are handled and headed by the professionals. Beside above the management has also hired the good professionals from outside on regular basis to use their expertise in the relevant fields.


The Plant is Located at G. T. Road, Phagwara and Bhuna Plant is located at Jakhal Road Bhuna. The units are having substantial locations advantages being very near to the source of sugarcane, the main raw material for the sugar.

Selling & Marketing Arrangements

The Marketing affairs of the Unit are handled by the expertise team. Moreover, the selling of sugar doesn't pose any problem as its controlled by the Central Government under Quota System, which is issued on monthly basis according to the availability of the stocks. Being the daily use product, it is booked immediately on the release of quota. Usually the sugar is sold with the help of brokers by paying them a nominal commission.

Brief Manufacturing Process

The sugarcane received from the farmers are downloaded in the carriers, with the automatic crushing the juice is produced from the sugarcane, purification of juice is performed, and then with high temperature process the juice is transformed in the sugar crystals. The sugar is manufactured according to the grading i.e. Large, Small or medium.

Relations with the Labour & Staff

The management has very cordial relations both with the labour and staff members. Total employment with the Company both for staff and workers vary in the range of 500-800 for on and off season. At present the management has built up for Labour Colony, Staff Colony and Officer Colony in 7 to 10 acres of Land at different site near to the factory site. Moreover, the company is providing other amenities like water, electricity, furniture and fixture, either free or at nominal charges according to the category


At present the Company is dealing with the State Bank of India, commercial Branch, Jalandhar. The dealing with the banks are quite satisfactory and even the bankers are very much satisfied with the promoters.


Since commencement the Company is doing comparatively good business

Infrastructure & Utilities

The Company has well equipped infrastructure and utilities in terms of own generation of Power, transportation, vehicles. Etc.

List of Directors

S. Soukhbir Singh Sandhar

S. S. Jaswinder Singh Bains

S. S Jarnail Singh Wahid
( Managing Director)

S. S Sandeep Singh Wahid
( Director)

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