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Insect - Pest Management

Disease management

nsect - Pest Management

There are two types of insect-pests that damage sugarcane i.e

External pests

Internal pests

External pests - Internal pests

Pyrilla - Root Borer

Whitefly - Shoot Borer

Black Bug - Top Borer

Mites - Stalk Borer

Mealy Bug - Gurdaspur Borer

Thrips - Gurdaspur Borer


White Grub


Name - Control Measures

Phyrilla Its appears in april - june & august - october spray 1 1/2 ltr Chlorophyriphos per acre in 400 litres of water.

White fly It appears in the mounths of august - november spray 1 letre malathion in 150 litres of water per acre or 40 ml of confidor 200 in 150 ltr of water.

Black bug It is active from April to june spray 2 ltr Chlorophyriphos in 350 litres of water peracre

Mites It is active during the hot and dry mounths of april, may and june spray the crop with 500 mll Malathion in 400 litres of water per acre.

Thrip It is active from April to setember spray 400 ml of malathion in 100 lites of water during pre-monsoon monthes.

Root bore It is active during the hot and dry months and during the post monsoon period. spray gamnra BHC emulsion to the soil @ 2 litres per acre.

Early Shoot borer This pest appears from april to june and causes dry dead-heart which can be easily pulled out.for control of this bores apply 10Kg granules of caldan/Kriatate 4g on 10 kg regent or two litres of durmet/dursban 20Ec in 400 Ltr of water followed by right light irrigation

Top borer It appears first in march and may months and later in the months of july and august. apply 12 Kg of Furadan 3 g or Thimet 10 g , per acre along with the cane rows in the last week of june and before 1st week of july.

Stalk borer It is active from july to march for control, plough the affected fields collect the stumps and burn them for minimize the infestation, excessive application of urea should be checked and also excessive irrigations should be checked.

Gurdaspur borer It appears in the months of july - october Rouge out the canes with withered tops, weekly from june to september be cut off well below the point of attack.

Weed Control:

I. Mechanically:

Two or three hoeing are necessary to keep down the weeds. Hoeing can be economically down with bullock drawn/ tractor drawn triphalli.


A pre emergence application of Atrataf 50 WP/ Soloro 50 WP/ Masstaf @ 800 g per acre in 225 liters of water within two to three days after planting effectively controls the broad leaf and annual grass.

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