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Sugarcane Production




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The selection of a suitable cane variety for planting is the most important pre-requisite for higher cane productivity. Sugarcane varieties have three groups of maturity ,viz

1). The early maturing varieties which ripen in november - december

2). The mid season varieties maturing in january - february

3). The late maturing varieties which ripen in march and april.

And in Punjab, a varietal crushing schedule, based on the maturity

Period of the varieties , has been introduced into all the sugar- mill areas. According to this schedule, The early varieties ratoon are accepted for crushing during november - December, the mid varieties in january - february and the late varieties in march - April and may these varieties should be cultivated in the ratio of 6:3:1 for a regular supply of cane throughout the cane crushing season from November to April. The varieties recommended for cultivation in punjab are as follows:

Early group- Coj 64, Coj83, Coj 85,Co 89003

Mid Group- Coj-88, CoS 88230, CoS8436

Late group - Co1148

For automn Planting only early varieties are recommended.

Land preparation:

Sugarcane remains in the field for about 2-3 years due to the practice of raising one to two ratoon crops therefore a thorough soil preparation once in 2-3 years is absolutely essential - about 45 mm depth of the soil should be well prepared since about 75% of the sugarcane root system is present at this soil layer moreover, the land preparation is governed by the method of planting to be adopted.Thus one deep ploughing by tractor drawn plough followed by 2-3 shallow ploughing and cross planting is sufficient to keep down the weeds,to incorpoate and help in decomposing organic matter into the soil . hence a well prepared field with addition of organic matter and proper drainage facility would support a healthy sugarcane crop.

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